MENA Coalition Against HPV الإئتلاف الإقليمي ضد فيروس الورم الحليمي البشري

The Tunisian Center for Public Health is proud to host the National coalition against HPV in Tunisia and is actively pursuing the goal of establishing a MENA coalition Against HPV. Such a coalition would aim to: 
  • Advocate on global, regional, and national levels for the necessary political and financial commitment to: 
  1. Raise awareness and demand for new cervical cancer prevention technologies.
  1. Expand resources committed to HPV related cancers prevention.
  1. Expedite regulatory approval and issuance of guidelines for use of new prevention and treatment tools.
  1. Encourage affordable pricing and adequate supplies from the manufacturers.
  • Promote a comprehensive approach to the prevention of cervical cancer and other HPV related cancers, focused on the most appropriate use of new and existing technologies.
  • Facilitate better communication among partner organizations and the larger community of cancer and STI organizations to improve knowledge and share lessons learned about current activities and results.
  • Foster the efficient and effective use of resources through information sharing and strategic partnering between members and other stakeholder organizations.
  • Monitor and build accountability among stakeholders to catalyze efforts in the global elimination of cervical cancer.

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