The National Coalition for HPV Elimination in Tunisia

Project team:

Hiba BoujnehSabrine Hamdi | Amira Medimagh | Zied Mhirsi | Yassine Kalboussi


Despite the excellent benefit-to-risk ratio for  (HPV) vaccination and recommendations for its routine use,  HPV vaccination is still inexistent Tunisia.

In light of the low cancer screening rates and the absence of HPV vaccination, TunCPH advocates for the introduction of HPV vaccine in the Tunisian national immunization programme and strengthening of the cervical cancer screening effort. The implementation of the vaccine will ensure the maximum possible protection of women against cervical cancer and will protect both men and women from other HPV-related cancers (anal, penile, oropharyngeal, vaginal, vulva). 

HPV Awareness Day

On March 4 and in celebration of the world HPV awareness day we:   

  • Hosted a scientific roundtable  in partnership with the Tunisian Society of Gyn and Obstetrics and leading Tunisian experts from the Ministry of Health, the Pasteur Institute and many other civil society organizations

  • Elaborated an advocacy brief on HPV vaccine in Tunisia
  • Launched a coalition called "The National Coalition for HPV Elimination in Tunisia"  to advocate for a stronger effort towards HPV elimination. The coalition is a network of organizations that includes, STGO, ATP+, Associamed and many individuals who signed the "Declaration de Tunis".  

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