Public Health Talk Series

TunCPH talk series consist of a series of talk events to promote discussion and understanding of key concepts in public health practice, Tunisian public health issues and current running projects or programs in Public Health . Each talk contains discussion questions to spark dialogue, reflection, and action to address the issue. Facilitators and resource persons will be experts from national and international institutions.

TunCPH talk series goes beyond traditional conversations on public health by featuring topics that reflect TunCPH foundational and multidisciplinary strengths, new and emerging areas of research, and innovative practice.


The themes are developed in consultation with our steering committee and our landscape review of the emerging trends in Public Health in Tunisia.

This mechanism ensures the alignment of the topics with regional and national priorities.

To date, we have identified the following themes:

  • Healthcare System Strengthening
  • Healthcare Financing and Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
  • Prevention Strategies for NCDs
  • Adolescent Mental Health
  • Maternal Health : Best Practices and Challenges in Tunisia
  • HIV AIDS Prevention: New Approaches
  • The New Local Regime of Public Services: Challenges and Opportunities in Public Health.


We actively support the enrollment of participants from various institutions and backgrounds. Our talk series effort is explicitly designed to attract Public Health professionals and civil society members from regional and remote areas. The participation of women is also encouraged.

The intended audience includes:

  • Tunisian junior doctors,
  • Public Health professionals,
  • NGOs members; and
  • governmental institutions
  • Private sector

TunCPH talk series

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