Training Programme


The training programme is a local, face-to-face programme focused on training the next generation of public health leaders in Tunisia on various subjects of public health, with topics ranging from health economics, health promotion, vaccines, and management of non-communicable diseases.
The training sessions bring together theory, case-studies and other interactive learning methodologies. A considerable emphasis is placed on feedback and experiences of the participants. Thus, each participant can share his or her experiences and foster reflection with the other participants and the instructor.


The intended audience is junior doctors, health professionals, NGOs members and members of the public health workforce who seek education and training in public health principles, problem-solving skills, quantitative methods, organization and management of health programs, and preparation for new and emerging threats to the health of the public.

Areas of training

  1. Health systems
  2. Quality of care
  3. Epidemiology
  4. Primary Healthcare
  5. Health innovation and technologies
  6. Non-communicable diseases
  7. Child and maternal health
  8. Reproductive health
  9. Mental health
  10. Health quality and safety
  11. HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria


TunCPH is always seeking collaboration with public health training institutions and public health schools worldwide to organize the training sessions. If you like what we do and you think you or your institution could help us improve the public health skills of the Tunisian health community please contact the programme director, Yassine Kalboussi.

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