Strengthen Primary Healthcare

Primary care is being recognized for its essential role in improving individual and community health. But to reach its full potential, primary care needs supportive policies and sufficient funding. TunCPH works with primary care providers, policymakers, NGOs, and other advocates to advance polices that increase access to quality primary care, enabling it to more successfully improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and improve health equity.

Primary health care ensures that all people in a community stay healthy and receive care when they need it.

How we make a difference

  • Conduct PHC assessment research projects
  • Participate in governmental meetings and working group around PHC
  • Develop and advance meaningful policy proposals that improve primary care financing, reimbursement, service delivery, and workforce training and pipeline
  • Partner with primary care and community development organizations to advance common goals
  • Educate key national, regional and local policymakers

2091 basic health centers

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