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The coalition

The launch of the MENA coalition is the aftermath of collaboration between the Tunisian Center for Public Health (TNCPH) and the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition in Middle East and North Africa (ITPC-MENA) to support Stop TB Partnership to ensure a meaningful civil society participation to the first MENA Zone Tuberculosis (TB) meeting co-organised by the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and hosted by the Egyptian Red Cross, May 8-10, 2018 in Cairo, Egypt.

This meeting brought together HIV and Human Rights advocates and other civil society groups working in the fight against TB from Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Sudan, Bahrain and Lebanon.

Seven organizations representatives gathered to launch the first Middle Eastern and North African coalition to end TB. These organizations are:

  3. ANISS- Association algérienne de lutte contre le sida
  4. SOS Tuberculose et maladies respiratoires
  5. GLOBE
  7. LATA Lebanese Anti-Tuberculosis Association

The above mentioned organizations declare the establishment of the first TB MENA Coalition to develop a coordinated regional TB advocacy plan that aims to push the different stakeholders including governments to give the TB epidemic the deserved political attention.

This initiative is in perfect harmony with our efforts in promoting the fight to end TB in our respective countries. Establishing the first ever MENA coalition to end TB, these organizations are committed to act together to foster the national efforts and programs that will tackle the TB epidemics in the region.

TB members


Make TB a political priority and promote political accountability

Despite the remarkable advances to prevent and cure TB achieved in the last twenty years across MENA, the needs to eradicate TB from the region exceed the efforts put in place so far. TB incidence continues to in the MENA region continues to

  • In the light of principles of human rights, social justice, public health, and sustainable development, it is paramount to raise TB to a higher political concern in the region’s development and political agenda.
  • more effective TB and HIV responses integration.
  • Advocate for decisive and accountable global leadership, including regular UN reporting and review;
  • Promote political accountability and open, transparent and participatory reporting processes at the national level

Transform the TB response to be equitable, rights-based, and people -centered

We commit to:

  • Promote a people-centered approach, complementary approach to the prevailing biomedical programs.
  • Support TB communities and TB-survivors to become an active part of the response to end TB and promote gender equity and key populations inclusion.
  • Identify, outreach and ensure significant/meaningful engagement of the Key Populations
  • Raise awareness amongst general population
  • Identify and address the challenges and barriers to end TB

Improve access to treatment and diagnosis and promote evidence-based responses

We commit to:

  • Improve access to treatment and diagnosis and to psychosocial support; including in emergency situations for internally displaced people and refugees.
  • Accelerate development tools to end TB such as vaccine, diagnosis, and introduce new treatments to reduce treatment period, treatment side-effects and combat anti-resistant TB.
  • Reach all people by closing the gaps on TB diagnosis, treatment and prevention
  • The majority of new cases of transmission of TB in the Middle East, occur within migrants groups such as expatriates workers or refugees. It is therefore paramount to include migrant populations in interventions.

Invest the necessary funds to end TB

We commit to:

  • Secure National and International sources of funding
  • Ensure the necessary advocacy to be adopted “Universal coverage”
  • Allocate % of the national budget for the TB
  • Advocate for the donors the include the MENA region in funding (e.g Global fund..)
  • HLM outcome as creation of new International funds TB specific

Support a coordinated and capacitated TB response

We commit to:

  • Ensure the multi-sectoral partnership and national and regional levels
  • Monitoring & Evaluation

Governance of the coalition

Coordination and Host member

The members have agreed that ITPC MENA will be hosting the coalition

Steering committee


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