Universal Health Coverage

Universal Health Coverage is one of the main pillars of sustainable and equitable healthcare for all. In Tunisia, Universal Health Coverage is still a promise to be achieved. TunCPH is committed to supporting local leaders, NGOs, and policy-makers to achieve UHC by 2030. On the 16th of December, a workshop will be organised to address the opportunities for policymakers and CSOs to support and promote UHC.

Interactive map of HPV and cervical cancer in the MENA region

Explore this map to learn more about the burdens of HPV and cervical cancer across the MENA region. With more than 7,600 deaths from cervical cancer in 2018 and over 15,000 deaths predicted for 2040 in the MENA region, there is an urgent need to increase political will and fight stigma and misinformation around HPV and cervical cancer.

Explore the interactive map

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